Banza: High Protein Pasta Review

Today I’d like to present to you my new favorite pasta.



The team over at Banza sent me a very nice package of their high protein pasta made from chickpeas! Yes, you heard right…this pasta is made out of chickpeas. 

I was very excited to try this product since I have never seen a product like it out in the market. The macros for this one of a kind pasta are amazing.


The calories are a bit higher compared to regular pasta, but it’s nothing drastic. However, look at that protein and fiber!!! I’m a marathon runner who also follows a strict vegetarian diet (most times vegan), so protein is very important to my diet.

I decided tonight would be perfect to have pasta after my long run of 17 miles. Pasta is the perfect fuel for marathon runners like myself. Not only is this pasta great for athletes who need some more protein in their diet, but it’s also great for individuals with certain dietary restrictions. This pasta is free of eggs, lactose, soy, nuts, wheat and gluten.

I made Pasta Primavera with the rotini style pasta that Banza sent me.


I cooked the pasta according to the instructions on the package, which was only about 4-6 minutes. Then I drained my pasta, and added it to a skillet with olive oil, a bag of steamed vegetables and vegetable broth. I seasoned it with nutritional yeast, and salt & pepper.


I tasted the pasta plain by itself for a test, and was pleasantly surprised that it tasted nothing  like chickpeas. Don’t get me wrong, I do love chickpeas! But if you want to serve this to your guests or family, they won’t even know that they are eating pasta made from chickpeas!

The texture was also very identical to regular pasta, and was perfectly al dente after cooking only for 5 minutes.


If you want to purchase some of this wonderful product, you can currently find them at Sprouts Farmer’s Market (locations are listed on their website), or purchase straight from their site.

Banza Website:



2 thoughts on “Banza: High Protein Pasta Review

  1. I have purchased your pasta. I love it. I gave a box to z friend who,although interested, rejected it because of the 6 grams of sugar. Sugar is not listed in the ingredients list. Where does the sugar come from and why is it there? It doesn’t bother me but if there is a logical reason for this sugar please advise me. Both my friend and I ate diabetics so….


    1. Hey Tom, I don’t own the company. If you have any questions about the company’s product please contact Banza. However, all carbohydrates are converted into sugar and therefore you just need to make sure you are eating the right portions, and monitoring your blood sugar. Hope this helps!


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