Flatout ProteinUP CarbDown Review

As a vegetarian, I always try to incorporate enough protein into my diet. In each and every one of my meals, I try to incorporate some source of protein. At breakfast, I might add egg whites or Greek yogurt into my oatmeal. At lunch, I mainly have salads or sandwiches, in which I will incorporate nuts, beans or legumes, cheese, hummus, etc. However, I’m always looking for new ways to get some source of protein. When I heard that Flatout came out with a new ProteinUP version of their wraps, I knew I had to try them out for myself.


I have tried quite a few of Flatout’s products in the past and they were all great, so I had high expectations for these. The real test was whether or not these would keep me satisfied. I always find that whenever I eat sandwiches or wraps, I would become hungry again within an hour or less. Carbohydrates and me do not agree. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my carbs but they don’t satisfy me as much as I’d like them to. That is why I love to eat a ton of vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes and my favorite – oatmeal. Which is another reason why I don’t eat cold cereal (I can eat one bowl after another of that crack!).

Flatout sent me one of each flavor to try – Core12 (Original), Red Pepper Hummus, and Sea Salt & Crushed Black Pepper.

Each wrap has 130 calories, 2 grams Fat, 17-18 grams Carb, and 12 grams of Protein! Plus 8-10 grams of Fiber!

I love wraps more opposed to sandwiches because they are so easy and convenient to fold up and take to-go. Plus, there are so many things you can do with them – sweet or savory!

I tried the Core12 out first, which is basically a plain/original flavor. I made a sweet wrap, using mixed greens, strawberries, goat cheese, and a red wine vinaigrette.


I also used them one night to make a savory dish. I was craving Mexican the other night, so I made Mozzarella & Spinach Quesadillas, and topped them with sour cream.


The wraps are a decent size too – no skimpy meal here! And for the first time, I was completely satisfied after each of these meals! I did not add any extra protein to any of these dishes besides the cheese (which was very little).

The next one I tried was the Sea Salt & Crushed Black Pepper.
I used it to make a vegetarian panini for lunch.


I brushed some balsamic vinegar on eggplant and yellow squash, and seasoned with a pinch of sea salt & oregano, and set it under the broiler for 8-10 minutes (flipping half-way through). Then I layered that into my wrap with tomato, avocado and mozzarella cheese, and pressed it down on both sides in a skillet until browned on both sides. I paired it with a side of grapes, and Pretzel Crisps and I had a complete lunch. Simple, easy and delicious!

Finally, I saved the best for last. I love hummus, so I went with the Red Pepper Hummus wrap last and spread it with a Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss wedge, slices of cucumber and sprinkled my favorite seasoning of the moment from Trader Joes, 21 Seasoning Salute.


Normally I would spread hummus on my wraps, but since the wrap is already hummus flavored I decided to go with something that complimented the flavors well. Cool and refreshing lunch to pack for work, and super easy!


Normally when I make wraps, they easily fall apart because they are too thin but these Flatout ProteinUP wraps worked like a charm. No mess here! 

I already am brainstorming what I will do next with these wraps.

In addition to their new line of ProteinUP flatoutbreads, Flatout also offers 5 different types of flatbreads which come in a variety flavors and sizes. Out of everything I have tried from them, these are by far my favorite of their line and are going to be a staple in my diet regularly. The texture, flavor and protein boost make this product worth the investment! You can find these at your local grocery store (check out their store locator), or place an order directly off their website.

Follow Flatout on social media for many tasty recipes:

What should I make next?

Do you prefer sweet or savory wraps?

Disclosure: Flatout sent me their ProteinUP flatoutbreads to review for the creation of this post.  I do not accept free product or compensation in return for a fully positive review – all opinions are my own.


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