Hello everyone!

I know it has been months since I have posted anything, but I have been as busy as ever with my dietetic internship, and keeping up with life. So to say the least, an update is way over due and as I am winding down to the end of my internship, I will try and blog at least once per week whether it be a recipe, product review, life update, what I eat in a day, or nutrition/health tips. So please comment down below if there is something you would like to see me post about on the blog!

Today I’m just going to do a brief update of what I have been up to these past 6 months in my dietetic internship. It has been a long, stressful and challenging internship but it is finally almost the end and I can not wait until I can finally call myself an R.D. (Registered Dietitian).

For those of you who do not know what the dietetic internship is about, you can read about the matching process in my previous post here.

So without further a do, here is the last 6 months of my life in a nut shell.

CLINICALSeptember – December (14 weeks) Northwell Health, Huntington Hospital

This was the biggest hunk of my dietetic internship. I completed 14 weeks of clinical nutrition at Northwell Health, Huntington Hospital where I shadowed four Registered Dietitians they had on staff. I gained experience in cardiac services, dialysis, orthopedics, pediatrics, diabetes, cancers, bariatric surgery, and enteral/parenteral nutrition. I was able to use the facility’s medical charting system, and use the Nutrition Care Process to diagnose, create interventions appropriate for their problem(s), and monitor/evaluate their progress. The main projects I worked on during my clinical rotation included a nutrition care plan, process improvement, and two case studies on a specific disease/nutritional problem. The last 7 weeks of my clinical rotation was mostly staff relief, in which I aided the dietitians in nutritional education. Some of the most exciting activities I was able to partake in included Nutrition Jeopardy with the Psych unit, and working with the healthcare team including medical doctors, registered nurses, and registered dietitians.

FOOD SERVICEDecember – January (4 weeks) Northwell Health, Huntington Hospital

The first four weeks of food service was at the same facility as my clinical rotation. This was actually my least favorite part of my internship because it was not as exciting, and not much interaction with the healthcare team or patients. During my food service rotation at the hospital, I learned the different roles of the employees in the kitchen, and even helped participate on the line. I was able to learn safe food temperatures, and helped take temperatures of the foods on the tray-line myself. I also learned how to set up for catering events, and the employee scheduling process. Projects that I worked on during this part of my food service rotation included a HACCP plan for food safety, and a sustainability assignment. My favorite part of this rotation was being able to participate on the tray-line and Meals on Wheels. The short time I had in the kitchen made me realize how much of a team effort it is between the managers, cooks, food service staff and clerk. It also made me realize I never want to be a manager! 😉

FOOD SERVICE cont’d – January – February (4 weeks) Southampton Free School District

This was actually my favorite part of my internship so far. The first four weeks of food service was a rough start, but a new setting and audience was a nice change. My preceptor was amazing and even gave me assignments beyond my assigned projects for my internship program. I learned so many things including specifications of equipment, sanitation standards, development of production sheets, purchasing, inventory, and the budget process. Projects I worked on assigned by my internship included a feasibility study, recipe modification and customer satisfaction survey. Other things I worked on for my preceptor included menu development for the schools following USDA school nutrition guidelines, an in-service training for the employees, revising nutritional information of selected recipes in NutriKids software program, and an annual self-review at the elementary and intermediate schools. I was able to attend professional meetings including the School Nutrition Director’s Association Board Meeting and The Wellness Champions Meeting which focused on promoting health and wellness in schools. My favorite part of the internship of course was the taste testings. Pictures below are of my tastings at the High School which was home-made oatmeal with toppings, and falafel at the intermediate schools. I was also able to do a taste test at the elementary school which was something my preceptor wanted me to do extra to see if the kids would enjoy a new product.


COMMUNITY – February – Present (7 weeks) Island Harvest

Currently, I am in my community rotation at Island Harvest Food Bank and I have only 2 more weeks! So far I have been able to go out in the community several times which included teaching young kids and special-needs kids how to make easy but healthy snacks, and attending a couple of resource fairs to educate the community of food insecurity. Projects include a nutrition education program (which required me to enforce in a community of my choice based on the topic), a community needs assignment and grant proposal, and a nutrition care plan and food plan.In my 5 weeks at Island Harvest I have learned so much including each employee’s role in the facility, the various programs offered by Island Harvest (including SNAP, The Kid’s Backpack Program), and the budget process. Below is pictures of my participating in the LIDA’s National Nutrition Month Fair.


After this? I have three weeks of my elective, and then the studying begins!

Comment below if you are a dietetic intern, or applying to dietetic intern this year! I would love to hear your experience, and answer any questions!


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