Vegetarian Pasta Bake

One of the things I love about summers are the fresh vegetables grown from the Farmer’s market. However, who wants to cook all these vegetables in the hot summer heat?! I sure know most nights especially with humidity, I don’t even want to think twice about cooking dinner. However this recipe does not take too much meal… Continue reading Vegetarian Pasta Bake

Spaghetti Squash with Lentil Marinara

Who says you can’t get healthy “fast food?” I came home from work yesterday, and slipped my flip-flops on to head straight out the door. Where was I going? To get a pedicure. These past few days were brutal for me. At work I’m on my feet all day, so it was time to give myself AND my feet… Continue reading Spaghetti Squash with Lentil Marinara

Simple Solution to Not Waste Vegetables: Ratatouille

Have you ever had too many vegetables in the house? Often when you work full-time, it’s hard to find time to cook during the week, let alone the weekend when you need to get errands done. On your day off, you go food shopping, and you stock up on so many fresh vegetables that you don’t even… Continue reading Simple Solution to Not Waste Vegetables: Ratatouille