Single-Serving Homemade Granola

Who doesn’t love granola? Unfortunately, most granola that you purchase from the store are loaded with sugars and fat which is not healthy for you at all. Not to mention, it’s very addicting. I always find myself going back for more than one serving! At Island Harvest, where I am completing my community rotation, the… Continue reading Single-Serving Homemade Granola

Five Favorite Post-Workout Snacks

If you are looking for some healthy snack ideas for post-workout, then read on because I think today’s post will be of interest to you! I have been very active for most of my life; playing soccer for most of grade school, and also participating in cross country and track & field, I had no idea how… Continue reading Five Favorite Post-Workout Snacks

Elli Quark Review

I am just about obsessed with yogurt, as I am with oatmeal. Okay, so that may not be entirely true…but I do love yogurt. Especially for a mid-morning snack when I want a little something to tie me over until lunch time. Typically, I will opt for non-fat Greek yogurt, as it is loaded with… Continue reading Elli Quark Review

Apple Berry Cobbler Overnight Oatmeal

This is not your typical bowl of overnight oatmeal. These oats are extremely thick and creamy…and only from the addition of one key ingredient. Don’t be fooled my friends, it may seem a little odd at first…but once you taste these oats you won’t go back. This will be your new favorite thing to add… Continue reading Apple Berry Cobbler Overnight Oatmeal

Jamie Eason Natural Whey Protein Isolate: Review & Gluten-Free Banana Muffins Recipe

I was recently sent a generous package of Jamie Eason Whey Protein Isolate to review by the lovely Lauren Frahn. I received both the vanilla and chocolate flavors to try (check it out here). I am always excited to try new products and share them with you all, so I jumped right into the kitchen… Continue reading Jamie Eason Natural Whey Protein Isolate: Review & Gluten-Free Banana Muffins Recipe

Overnight Chocolate Protein Zoats

I’ve got a special treat for you all. It’s oatmeal, yes. But it involves adding something ‘unique’ this time: zucchini. Or as I’d like to call it, zoats (zoatmeal). It’s the perfect way to sneak in a serving of vegetables into your breakfast. Zucchini is low in calorie (1 medium zucchini = 33 calories), and… Continue reading Overnight Chocolate Protein Zoats

Single Serving Cheesecake

When it comes to dessert, I’m an “all or nothing” kind of gal. What can I say, I love my sweets. Eat only 1 serving of ice cream?! Please! I could eat the whole entire pint. Stop at one cookie? Four cookies later, there goes the calories I just burned off at the gym… For this reason,… Continue reading Single Serving Cheesecake